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Lottie Hearn
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Whether you are planning, presenting or promoting your on-line marketing and social media videos or creating an online training course; filming video emails or podcast interviews; presenting on your smartphone or webcam for meetings, interviews, video conferences or virtual meetings - how you present your power and real expertise via video is what counts for your audience. To gain trust and likeability, you need to present the real you and connect with your audience to create the impact you want.

Lottie Hearn empowers you to discover your own "Confidence on Camera"TM, so you can present your power on any size screen, through any camera lens. She helps you learn how easy it is to make your own DIY, quality videos, and to promote yourself and your business via video and virtual meetings on-line.

With over 20 years' experience in presenting and training experts, from corporates, SMEs, students, job-seekers to professional presenters and World Champions, to present the REAL YOU both live and on camera. Lottie coaches from the perspective of what works for you as the expert in your field - and helps you express that expertise, naturally, through the camera lens with Confidence, Credibility and Charisma.

Lottie is also the 2015-16 Vice-President and Head of Membership Team for the Professional Speaking Association Ireland branch #PSAIreland - where professional speakers go to learn to "Speak More, Speaker Better" across Ireland and the UK.
See Lottie in action in her videos in her Extended Profile.