Podcast Episode No. 7 – ‘Are you sure you’re GDPR compliant?’ with Phil Byrne

Today I am joined by Phil Byrne to discuss GDPR. Phil is an expert in implementing ISO Systems with a specific focus on Quality, Information Security and Business Continuity. Phil is a practicing certification auditor for a number of ISO standards including ISO 270001 which is the most relevant one for GDPR. Phil is also acting Data Protection Officer for a number of his client companies.

Podcast Episode No. 6 – ‘How to increase your visibility on Facebook’ with Juliette Stapleton

Juliette is a visibility strategist and host of Show Up! Stand Out! Visibility Interview Series for Entrepreneurs. Juliette is also a Digital Marketing Consultant, with over 15 years’ experience in Facebook visibility coaching, digital marketing, WordPress website design. She also has a number of online courses and programmes that you should definitely check out.