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Hello and thanks for tuning in – I am your host, Johnny Beirne and this is Episode Number 7 of the Podcast.

And just a quick reminder – if you’re not yet familiar with Speakific and you’re not sure what it’s about – it’s really about helping event organisers find a specific speaker for their specific event. It’s free to use and you can sign up as a Speaker or Event Organiser in seconds at

Today I am joined by Phil Byrne to discuss GDPR.

Phil is an expert in implementing ISO Systems with a specific focus on Quality, Information Security and Business Continuity. Phil is a practicing certification auditor for a number of ISO standards including ISO 270001 which is the most relevant one for GDPR. Phil is also acting Data Protection Officer for a number of his client companies.

What is GDPR and who does it impact and why?

What are some of the most common mistakes he has seen people make coming up to the 25th of May and may still be making?

What should we be doing, specifically if we have email lists and we want to continue to grow and use them as part of our marketing and sales strategy?

Phil also explains positive affirmation and its importance in addition to highlighting the critical difference between data controller which is us and data processor which is typically some 3rd party software as a service.

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