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Hello and welcome to this week’s episode – I am your host, Johnny Beirne and this is Episode Number 9 of the Podcast. was set up to take the pain out of finding a specific speaker for a specific event. I ran 2 business networks for 5 years and every month I needed 2 speakers and yet there was no easy way to find speakers online by topic or indeed by location.

And so Speakific was born and now has over 400 speakers for event organisers to choose from.

One of which is my guest today Moira Ní Ghallachóir.

Moira is an international 6-figure business coach from Donegal, in the northwest corner of Ireland.

Moira helps small business owners and entrepreneurs inspire their way to more sales, success and freedom.

In this interview, Moira shares with us how she has grown her business through speaking and how you can do the same.

You can also access Moria’s FREE guide entitled 15 Powerful Conversation Starters here.

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