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How to tell a good story?

Telling a good story is a critical skill, many of us shy away from it.
Telling a story is the most powerful way to persuade people.

Stories will improve your social skills, I guarantee.

You can use this structure in your public speech, in business, talking about yourself, in conversations with others, in the video, and in presentations.

Here is a step-by-step method to get better at telling your story.

How to tell a good story:


The purpose of the hook is to grab attention.

If it’s good enough, people will listen to you.
Their little voice in their head will say, ”Wow. That’s interesting. I want to hear more.”

Think about headlines of the news.

’Why you should never…’’
‘’Secret of…’’
”Should you…?”
”Don’t leave home without…”
”The most embarrassing thing I will never do again…”

Never start with you, it’s better to include benefits that reader might get from your story.
It’s all about them.

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